MediReport expert solutions are designed to overcome the complexity of today's healthcare IT setup through a vendor-neutral platform and solid integration capabilities with a wide variety of apps. Our solutions provide you with a broad view of your patient's clinical multimedia datasets for a better quality of care throughout the entire care continuum.



TRACER™ supports and enhances the unique and often complex workflows used within healthcare settings.

Capabilities embedded into the platform include the visibility, control, tracking, monitoring, security and management of clinical, logistical, and commercial processes for utilization of pharmaceuticals, supplies, devices, instruments, equipment, and more.

In addition Tracer provides a web based central catalog with automatic updates from suppliers and cycle count using mobile devices. 

The software automatically and simultaneously acquires rich data sets from all operating rooms thus tracking the asset movement and generating business intelligence and reports.


  • From order to delivery loop process

  • Total inventory and its value

  • Stock location and movements anywhere in the employees’ activity and transactions on demand

  • Movements of a particular products

  • Security alerts for any breach of rules

  • Specific recall process

  • Full traceability using manufacturer barcodes

  • Decoding all normalized barcodes GS-1, HIBCC, 2D, EAN-128, Code39, …

  • Reconciliation between order and delivery. Partial delivery management

  • Key performance indicator and report performance on inventory management

  • Procedure cost management

  • Reservation and booking or specific materials

  • Material statistics

  • Reporting based on templates including inventory and consumable reporting

  • Interface with HIS and Pharmacy systems

  • Automatic ordering based on alerts or consumption

  • Alerts based on PAR level and expiration UBD



An effective patient appointment scheduling system is critical in hospitals to ensure effective and efficient service delivery whilst enhancing patient experience.

Medireport Scheduler helps the hospital optimize its resources through efficient scheduling whilst integration with Medireport KPI provides a wealth of invaluable management statistical data, which can be used to enhance resource management, future planning and reduce operating costs whilst increasing productivity.


  • Staff workflow optimisation

  • Resource optimisation

  • Patient’s preferences, for example, morning or afternoon appointments

o    Patient reminder (SMS, email) and recommendation before procedure

  • Automatic planning export to email, excel, or mobile device (ICS)

  • Interoperability with Medireport solutions and other IHE compatible systems

o    HL7 SIU, ADT, ORM management, translation from HL7 to DICOM WorkList

  • Access to patient information is secured, for example, history can only be viewed with correct permissions. 

  • Developed with user in mind (offering graphical drag & drop functionalities and filtering by point of interest)

  • Multi-department

  • Multi-day appointments

  • Easy setup and configuration

o    Bookings per patient, physician, procedure

o    Room, procedure, waiting lists, call lists

o    Room and bed management

o    View and procedure template configuration with one-click interface

Real-time information provides a overview of rooms and patients. Procedures can be rescheduled whilst urgent ad-hoc procedures are added with ease. Hospital and department staff can monitor the status of the procedure from anywhere within the hospital. This allows just in time transfer for patients from wards to their examination reducing needles waiting times. The security permissions give hospital and its physicians confidence that the patient data is protected and can only be viewed by relevant viewers.


Web Viewer™

Medireport Web Viewer provides web access to patient clinical information which includes imaging and reporting data. Using the viewer you can quickly check the patient procedure history along with its reports and images, enabling the clinician to make a informed decision on patient care. Web Viewer can be accessed from a compatible device anywhere within you hospital enterprise, helping deliver effective and timely patient care in the process.


  • Uses existing network infrastructure and client hardware (*requires Adobe Flash)

  • Secured via https protocol and user passwords, to ensure patient data security

  • Enables clinicians to view vital patient information securely

  • Supports a more efficient workflow helping improve the quality of care



With Medireport Checklist mobile application, your department is always ahead of the game. Department staff during a patients wait can fill out various check lists for their examinations that are required before the examination commences. For example a surgery checklist. The patients answer a series of questions related to their surgery. This can be height and weight questions to allergy and medications questions. The list is endless and tailored to your needs.

By giving your staff the opportunity to fill out the paperless checklist before the surgery commences, your department is reducing needles waiting times and enhancing patient experience in the process.

Integration with CardioReport™

The mobile application integrates directly with CardioReport™ XP using the hospitals internal network. Departments can search patients, hospitalisations and procedures on their device. Once the correct patient and procedure has been found, your member of staff together with the patient completes the checklist. The data is passed securely to the CardioReport server and is syncronised in real time, enabling physicians immediate access to valuable data.