Managing the complexity of ambulatory care


Today, 6 out of 10 hospital interventions are performed in ambulatory care, which is progressively becoming the norm in patient procedures.


Our Solution

Two tools made to help your care team establish an efficient ambulatory care process.



BoardingVision™, a web app that facilitates the day-today of hospital staff and physicians, schedules each step of the ambulatory journey and manages patient workflows on a dashboard displayed on screens, phones and tablets anywhere in the hospital. It enhances the overall communication within your Cardiovascular department between different teams to provide better care and improve productivity.


  • Real-time visualisation of the all procedures in wards and operating rooms

  • Patient specific information display and multi-user viewing

  • Automatic updates of patient status via HL7 messages (from HIS, RIS)

  • Monitoring of each step of the patient journey with real time alerts


My FollowUp™

Patient follow-up after hospitalisation is a necessity - especially for ambulatory care procedures, but remains time-consuming.

The mobile application MyFollowUp™, centered around the patient, answers this concern: it allows the monitoring of patients remotely, simply and efficiently, by remaining in constant touch with them.


  • Sends recommendations before hospitalisation 

  • Post-procedure, regularly sends targetted questionnaire and educational content

  • Dashboard manages patient-specific events

  • Data processed on ASIP secure server and GDPR compliant

Impact on Patients

  • Improved well-being, engaged and interactive approach

  • Special events signaling and compliance improvement

  • Improved perception of care quality

 Impact on care staff

  • Improved management and administration via dashboard

  • Reduction of time spent on patient follow up and monitoring long term

  • Data collection (clinical reasearch and statistical analysis)

 Impact on hospitals

  • Increase of the ambulatory activity 

  • Reduction of management costs

  • Improved care quality perception