Cardioreport™ allows heart centres to easily fulfil their regulatory obligations, by providing registry reporting functionality. Users are intuitively guided through the requirements of the dataset by the software. Visually the software helps the users understand which information is required by the registry by highlighting the missing information. Each registry requirement is fulfilled by validation rules within the procedure reporting process, meaning that the report cannot be signed with missing data attributes. Cardioreport™ validation rules ensure that the data submitted to the registry is accurate.

Cardioreport™ collects the information in a structured manner ensuring no duplicate data is entered and sent. With the data being stored in the database it can be retrieved and viewed at any time required by the hospital management.

Registry data can be manually exported from the system for submission. In some cases the receiving systems will allow direct interfacing with CardioReport for seamless data submission.

Registries and Accreditation

(but not limited to)

  • SFC

  • AQUA


  • CRAC

  • CCAD


  • BCIS

  • CRM

  • EP


  • HF


  • NCDR US dataset complient

  • Meetbaar

  • BQS

  • GISE

  • PCI French registry

  • PCI Swiss registry

  • PCI Austrian registry

  • TAVI French registry